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Back To School Glasses

Back to School Glasses at Family Vision Center

As students return to school this autumn, it's an excellent time for both children and parents alike to try a new style of eyeglasses. More importantly, it's also an ideal time to make sure you and your children aren't overdue for a vision test.

Why is Back to School Time Perfect for New Glasses?

In late summer and early autumn, as students return to class, parents are careful to ensure that their children have plenty of new clothes and school supplies, and many schools require a visit to the doctor to test for certain conditions before classes begin. However, eye care is often overlooked, and many children return to class without the proper corrective lenses. In the most serious cases, eye problems could hinder students' achievement at school by impacting class participation and reading. Many schools' nurses perform basic vision screenings, but these quick exams are not nearly as thorough as a professional inspection and can miss many conditions. Virtually everyone's vision should be screened regularly, especially if they've been prescribed corrective lenses in the past or have noticed any changes in their eyesight; even if previous exams revealed perfect vision, regular exams are important because eyesight can change over time, sometimes imperceptibly.

The new school year is a time when many students try new fashions, and this makes it a great time for children or teens to debut a new style of glasses (or contact lenses). Glasses are an important piece of someone's style, virtually always worn regardless of the outfit, and many people feel odd wearing them at first; introducing them at back-to-school time can help ease this transition since there's enough excitement in the air to distract from new styles.

Why Choose Family Vision Center?

Family Vision Center's team of optometrists has over 50 years' combined experience in eye care. The two offices, located in Stratford & Bridgeport, offer everything from basic vision exams to more complex ocular pathology. Family Vision Center offers a permanent 10% discount for senior citizens, as well as any customer who orders an entire year's supply of contact lenses through the office. The team at our Bridgeport office is fluent in Spanish, allowing us to clearly communicate with more patients. Contact us today to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment.

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