Eye Examinations

Preventative Eye Care Exams

The experienced optometrists at Family Vision Center value your vision as much as you do. The eye examinations performed by our doctors involve a complete vision analysis, which includes the following services:

  • Complete review of your and your family’s medical and ocular history,
  • Detection for cataract and ocular diseases,
  • Determination of depth perception,
  • Examination of eye muscle coordination,
  • Testing of color vision,
  • Neurological pupil evaluation,
  • Testing for glaucoma,
  • Refraction to determine an accurate eyeglass prescription.

Children’s Eye Examinations

Not all vision problems occur with age, which is why even children need to have routine eye exams. The statistics show that only 15% of babies are born without any vision problems.In addition, 80% of babies are born far-sighted, and 5% are born near-sighted. Because vision problems can affect learning, we recommend that children have their first eye exam before they enter school.

During the children’s eye exam, our staff will thoroughly review the health and vision history of the child and the family.The optometrist will also perform tests for near-and far-sightedness, astigmatism, crossed-eyes, color perception, lazy eye, eye coordination and focusing ability. These tests will allow the doctor to find a solution, if needed, to any vision problems that can affect schooling.

Children are not always aware of vision problems they may be having because they think what they are experiencing is normal. If children have routine eye exams any changes and problems can be easily detected early on. Often time’s children do not detect their vision problems until they have difficulty in school reading the black board.Therefore, parents should be aware of any symptoms that can indicate a vision problem in their child.These include::

  • Holding reading material closer than normal,
  • Losing his/her place while reading,
  • Rubbing his/her eyes often,
  • Having headaches,
  • Omits or confuses small words when reading,
  • Performs below potential

It is recommended that a child with any of these symptoms be seen for a routine eye exam to check for any potential vision problems. In addition, parents can follow some simple rules at home to help ensure the eye health of their children.These include providing soft lighting while watching TV to avoid glare and eye strain, taking breaks from the computer or video games, and protecting their eyes from dangerous objects or materials.

After your child’s eye exam, the optometrist may prescribe glasses, contact lenses, or vision therapy.It is important to follow-up at home with any instructions from the doctor, to ensure your child’s eye health and vision. The frequency of your child’s eye exams will be determined by the doctor with their needs in mind, and it is often recommended to have a full exam every year.

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Family Vision Center is proud to provide eye examinations for both children and adults in Stratford and Bridgeport and the nearby CT areas. For more information about the eye care services we provide or to schedule an appointment for an eye examination, contact us by calling the location nearest you today.

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