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  • Mixing Business with Pleasure: Dr. Gorman Calls the Shots | Posted on September 30, 2014 by Martinb PR
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Mixing Business with Pleasure: Dr. Gorman Calls the Shots | Posted on September 30, 2014 by Martinb PR

Those who have met “Dr. Mike” Gorman know he’s been an avid tennis player for decades. But what people may not know is that Dr. Mike’s quick and precise game is not all he’s served on the court—it’s also acted as a catalyst for bringing business to Family Vision Center. Longtime patient and Milford resident, Dave Zandan, can attest to this firsthand.

“I met Dr. Mike over 10 years ago playing tennis,” recalls Dave. “We are both competitive and like to call the shots. During one of our first matches, I called a shot out and he told me I needed glasses! The funny part is, adding injury to insult, I actually did.”

Shortly thereafter, Dave set up his first visit to Family Vision Center and was immediately impressed by the family-run style with which it operated. He attributes the practice’s 50 years in business milestone to Dr. Mike and Family Vision Centers’ ability to keep the family atmosphere alive even after all of the growth and developments it experienced, both in-house and online.

“In any successful business, the leader sets the pace, and Dr. Mike is an exceptional individual who has a certain way with people,” says Dave. “Now, his long term staff emulates that same high quality customer service attitude and assurance that their patients have come to expect. Customers, including myself, feel they receive state-of-the-art service for their vision issues, and that’s why we all keep coming back.”

Dave and his family are regular patients for adjustments and fittings to their glasses. They appreciate the wide range of fashionable styles at affordable prices the practice offers, along with the convenience of having them fitted right on-site the same day of the visit. But ultimately, it’s his good friend Dr. Mike who keeps him walking through the door year after year. Dave always trusted his competency and commitment to put the patient first, and with Dr. Mike’s recent retirement, he’s now come to trust Dr. Sean Burns, Heather, Melissa and the entire Family Vision Center staff with the same level of confidence.

Dave knows with uncertainty that he will be a lifelong patient of the practice and wishes Dr. Gorman and the rest of his team all the best as they celebrate this year’s much-deserved achievement. He’ll always remember that day he played his first game of tennis with Dr. Mike and is forever grateful to him for improving his ability to keep an eye on the ball.

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