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  • A Q&A with Luke Chenoweth, Family Vision Center Patient | Posted on March 4, 2015 by Christina
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A Q&A with Luke Chenoweth, Family Vision Center Patient | Posted on March 4, 2015 by Christina

Family Vision Center recently had the pleasure of fitting 16-year-old student-athlete Luke Chenoweth, Stratford, for contact lenses. As a young teen being fitted for contact lenses for the first time, we asked Luke to answer the following questions throughout the week of his fitting. His answers proved to be interesting, appreciative and helpful to anyone considering contact lenses. Please enjoy an insightful look into Luke’s experience and call us today to learn how Family Vision Center can help you effortlessly transition to wearing contact lenses.

FVC: Why did you want to make the switch from glasses to contacts?
Luke: I participate in a variety of sports including soccer, wrestling and rock climbing. My glasses can be very cumbersome when I play so I knew I’d be able to see much better with contact lenses. I was also told I looked good without my glasses, so that was also a factor.
FVC: What were you most looking forward to in switching from glasses to contacts?
Luke: I knew I’d finally be able to see clearly, including in my peripheral vision, which would help me improve as an athlete. I also wanted to see people better to help me gain confidence when I socialize.
FVC: How long have you wanted contact
Luke: Since I began to need to wear glasses full time three years ago.
FVC: So far, what are the biggest differences wearing contacts versus glasses?
Luke: For one, my prescription is newer and much better. Also, I can lie down without taking my glasses off. And I expect that when I start shaving more, it will be a lot easier.
FVC: What is the best part about switching to contacts?
Luke: Sports are already easier, and people have taken notice that I’m not wearing my glasses and compliment me on the change.
FVC: What is the biggest challenge in transitioning to contacts?
Luke: Adjusting to my new prescription and keeping my eyes open while putting them in have been slightly challenging. However, it’s only been one week and it’s already becoming much easier and part of my daily routine.
FVC: Overall, how would you rate your first week wearing contacts?
Luke: I’d give it a B+, simply because of getting used to the process of putting them in. It was tricky at first, but I’m already becoming an old pro!
FVC: How was the overall fitting experience at Family Vision Center?
Luke: I can’t say enough about Family Vision Center! I thank God that my prayers for contact lenses have been answered. I can see better, be more active without the concern that my glasses will break, wrestle with my dad, rock climb and play soccer with my friends. This experience has had a huge impact on my life and I thank God for the opportunity and Family Vision Center for making my dream a reality.

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