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What Causes Dry Eyes?

man in Stratford and Bridgeport is rubbing his dry eyes

What Causes Dry Eyes from Your Optometrist in Stratford and Bridgeport

Causes and Symptoms of Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are typically caused by decreased tear production, increased tear evaporation or an imbalance in tear composition. Basically, dry eyes are due to inadequate tears. If dry eyes are caused by decreased tear production, it’s usually due to age, medical conditions like diabetes, tear gland damage or laser eye surgery. Increased tear evaporation may be due to blinking less often, eyelid problems or dry air.

Tears are comprised of water, oil and mucus. Small eye glands that are clocked can cause a problem with these components and result in dry eyes. Blocked Meibomian glands are much more common with people who have skin disorders.

The symptoms of dry eyes include a scratchy sensation in the eyes, sensitivity to light, blurred vision and difficulty wearing contact lenses. It can be extremely annoying.

Dry Eyes Treatment with Your Local Optometrist at Bridgeport and Stratford

There are a number of dry eye treatments. The most common treatment is artificial tear drops or ointments. Sometimes, this type of treatment works for chronic dry eye. However, your eye doctor may opt to close the duct that drains tears. A temporary or permanent plug may be used. Temporary plugs tend to dissolve over time.

Another option is to perform a procedure called cautery. A special tool is used to burn and close the opening shut. This actually increases the tear level. A Lipiflow medical device may also be used to unclog blocked glands on the eyelids.

Our doctors at Family Vision Clinic will do a comprehensive examination and determine the best type of treatment to effectively treat your dry eye condition.

Seeking Dry Eye Treatment in Stratford and Bridgeport?

Family Vision Centers is the go-to eye care specialist for care as your optometrist Bridgeport and optometrist Stratford service provider. We offer a wide array of eye care services, including dry eyes treatment, comprehensive eye exams, and treatment for eye diseases, precision lenses and contact lens fittings.

Our mission is to deliver the best eye care experience by using the best technology, offering quality eye care products and delivering care with respect. In the Bridgeport area, contact us at (203) 333-2020 to schedule an appointment. In Stratford, contact us at (203) 377-2020 to schedule an appointment.

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