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The 6 Benefits of Contact Lenses

woman with a contact lens in Bridgeport

The Benefits of Contact Lenses from Our Stratford and Bridgeport Optometrist

At our offices in Stratford and Bridgeport, CT, our optometrist provides patients with the option of a contact lens exam if the person has had glasses in the past and would like to switch from eyeglasses. Although glasses are more practical for children, contact lenses have their share of benefits for most people.

Improves Appearance

People who opt for contact lenses receive the benefit of a vision correction that you can't see. Contacts are more aesthetically pleasing for many individuals, especially for women who can wear makeup without having to hide their eyes behind glasses.

Easier to Replace

If you should happen to lose a contact, you just put in another one. Generally, we advise patients to purchase at least one box of contacts and to never let them run out completely in the event you lose a contact. On the other hand, if you were to wear glasses or lose or break them, people don't always have a spare and most likely you will have to pay the price to replace them.

Contacts Don't Get in the Way

If you're a busy person or enjoy playing sports, contacts won't get in the way. If you wear glasses and play sports, a ball to the face could cause break your glasses. However, if you're wearing contacts and a ball should hit you in the face, you won't experience any problems.

Change Your Eye Color

If you want a change, you could change your eye color with contacts. We offer a variety of options.

Contacts Could Be Cheaper

Depending on the pair of glasses, contacts could be a cheaper option, especially if we discover during your contact lens exam, you wear a common prescription.

Never Worry about them Mismatching

A clear pair of contacts matches everything. A pair of glasses doesn't always work with every outfit, especially if you opt for a colorful or patterned pair. Your contacts will match you no matter your personal style.

Get a Contact Lens Exam with Our Optometrist in Stratford and Brideport

To schedule a contact lens exam from our optometrist in Stratford and Bridgeport, contact us at Family Vision Center at 203-333-2020 for Bridgeport and 203-377-2020 for Stratford.

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